Car Accidents

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Your life changes instantly once you’ve been involved in a car crash. You have medical bills and complicated insurance issues that can be challenging to understand. After an accident, you deserve to have a lawyer representing your interests and working on your side.

Cantini Law is dedicated entirely to helping victims of serious accidents. We are led by a team of experienced lawyers who continue to maintain a proven track record representing injured victims. We provide straightforward advice on car accident claims and will diligently protect your rights.

Talk To A Lawyer Before You Sign Anything

It is important you talk to a lawyer before you sign any papers and before talking with the insurance company. There are specific time limits in an auto accident and taking action too early (or too late) could hurt your claim. First, call Cantini Law. We offer a free interview to discuss your situation.

Auto Accident Injuries

Car accidents can cause all types of injuries. Some of the most common types of injuries sustained from car accidents include:

What Our Clients Say

Line Leblanc
I was suggested this law firm by a co worker. He had nothing but good things to say. I had the personal experience of dealing with Joe and his team. They are there for u and to listen to you. No matter what problem came up he always had a solution. Thank you so much for the
Kelly & Randy Pidgeon
Cantini Law Group have been outstanding! Joe Cantini and his team were very professional and efficient. Communication was very clear and concise, right from the start. Joe is conscientious and thorough, always with detailed explanations while navigating me through some difficul
francis Paray
They handled my case pretty well. I never regret going and get help with Cantini Law Group. They help me on everything on my Accident.. thank you! Cantini Law Group you guys are the best!
Margot Estabrooks
I would definitely recommend Cantini Law Group to anyone. They were professional, gave me very clear instructions/advice and kept me up to date with my file. In conclusion, I was very satisfied with the service and the outcome.
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