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Tag: Pedestrian Accidents

Distracted driving a danger for motorists and pedestrians alike

It is common to hear reports of how distracted driving in Canada leads to accidents involving other vehicles. What is often less talked about is the role distracted driving plays in pedestrian accidents. Many organizations detail the dangers of driving

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Roundabouts are safer for pedestrians when rules are followed

Many people don’t fully understand how to use roundabouts. This traffic control design is considered safer for pedestrians than other intersection options for several reasons, but that safety increase can be negated if pedestrians and drivers don’t follow the rules

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2 elderly pedestrians killed on Woodstock Road

Two men who were well known in the New Brunswick community were killed as they tried to cross Woodstock Road recently. The accident occurred around 10:30 p.m., when the two men, ages 90 and 87, had left the Fredericton Sports

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Proposed guards beneath trucks could save lives

Semi-trucks pose a unique risk to cyclists and pedestrians. That risk is getting sucked beneath these large vehicles. A Halifax councillor wants to see that risk reduced by forcing city trucks to include special guards that would prevent this from

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Pedestrian accidents are often due to negligent drivers

Nearly 300 pedestrians are killed in pedestrian accidents each year in Canada. These accidents are often the result of a driver not paying attention and slamming into the pedestrian. Even when a pedestrian isn’t killed in an accident, there can

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Man in wheelchair apologizes for accident

Last August, an 80-year-old double amputee who uses a motorized wheelchair to get around was involved in an accident with a 92-year-old woman in Saint John City Market. On the surface, this sounds like nothing more than a simple accident,

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Crosswalk safety is extremely important

It doesn’t matter if you are a pedestrian or driver, you should be familiar with crosswalk safety and applicable laws. If you aren’t, you are increasing your chance of being involved in an accident. Generally speaking, a crosswalk gives a

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How can we keep pedestrians safe?

Last week, a 68-year-old female pedestrian was hit by a car and killed in the area of Tracadie, NB. She was attempting to cross the road when she was struck by a vehicle. The investigation is still ongoing, but we

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