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Tag: Motorcycle Accidents

New Brunswick man facing multiple charges in motorcycle crash

A New Brunswick man is facing multiple charges stemming from a June accident that left two people on a motorcycle seriously injured. The 40-year-old man, who is from the Fredericton area, has been granted a plea adjournment by a judge

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2 motorcyclists seriously injured by alleged drunk driver

Motorcyclists who are sharing the roadway with other motorists are often at the mercy of those other drivers. When an impaired driver shares the road with the motorcyclist, disaster can occur. An accident that occurred on June 19 seriously injured

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Motorcyclists should be familiar with some basic statistics

Motorcyclists in New Brunswick are probably already familiar with the graduated licensing program that went into effect in April 2015. That program is the direct result of some shocking information about how big of a risk motorcyclists take each time

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Tips for safe spring motorcycle riding

Spring is almost here and for many motorcyclists, that means it’s time to get riding. For those who are new to this adventure, there are some tips that can help you stay safe during spring riding. First, get a good

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The importance of sharing the road

As a driver, it is important to share the road with other vehicles. After all, there won’t be many times when you are the only person on the road. Driving is a high-risk activity, meaning that you could be involved

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