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Tag: Long-Term Disability

What to do about a long-term disability claim denial

If you find yourself making a long term disability insurance claim in New Brunswick, you hope that everything goes as planned. This means receiving benefits as quickly as possible, as you don’t want to get too far behind in regards

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What is the Severe Permanent Disability Benefit?

Suffering an injury is something that can negatively affect your life. In some cases, the injury might be so severe that you are unable to work or enjoy life in the manner in which you are accustomed. If that is

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Facts about New Brunswick’s Disability Support Program

The Disability Support Program in New Brunswick provides flexible support for disabled people. Personal disability support plans are developed that allow disabled individuals to have their unmet needs addressed to help each person participate in the community. Some of the

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The basics of Canada’s disability insurance plan

Many residents of New Brunswick enjoy having benefits provided through their jobs. However, some Canadians may not realize that they may also be covered for any disability that may arise in their lives, including a long-term disability. Often a condition

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Do you qualify for long term disability benefits?

You may think you qualify for long term disability benefits, but it is difficult to know if this is true until you actually take the time to learn more about your policy. It doesn’t matter if you have benefits through

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What happens after submitting a disability application?

If you have contributed to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and are unable to work as the result of a disability, you may be able to receive benefits in the form of a taxable monthly payment. You should not wait

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