Do You Know What to do in a Hail Storm?

April 12, 2021|

If you're driving, and a hail storm hits, you should know the proper precautions to keep you, and your vehicle as safe as possible. Hail can be extremely damaging to your car, it can be dangerous to step outside unprotected, and it causes dangerous road conditions. Hail should be treated as if you are driving in heavy rain, with ice on the road. Although hail storms typically only last a few minutes, you should follow the proper precautions. Turn on your low beams Drop your speed if you continue to drive Allow 3 times the normal space [...]

5 Important Safety Tips for Children On Halloween

October 26, 2020|

October 31st is a thrilling night for many. In the excitement of trick-or-treating, it's easy to forget about important safety precautions. Here are 5 tips you can follow to keep your children safe on Halloween night. 1. Replace your child's mask with makeup to make sure that they have a clear, unobstructed view of their surroundings. 2. Avoid dark coloured costumes as drivers may have trouble seeing them. If possible, choose brighter colours and add reflective tape. As well, write your child's name, number, and address on the inside of his/her costume. 3. Accompany your child during [...]

Driving Tips for Halloween

October 19, 2020|

  October 31st is a thrilling night for many. In the excitement of trick-or-treating, it's easy to forget about important safety precautions. Serious accidents are more likely to occur with the combination of increased pedestrian traffic, alcohol use and parties. For this reason, it is essential that parents and motorists are aware of the safety measures that are involved in keeping everyone safe on Halloween night. According the the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), here are some statistics on Halloween. Over 50% of pedestrian fatalities occur between 4pm and midnight 28% of crash victims are pedestrians [...]

5 Tips for Thanksgiving Weekend Travel

October 5, 2020|

  Thanksgiving weekend is time for food, gratitude, and family. Lot's of people take to the road for thanksgiving with their family. This means a higher volume of travellers, and more congestion. Here are some travel pointers to make sure you arrive safely at the dinner table. 1. Plan Ahead Expect heavy traffic, and leave earlier to avoid rushing, speeding, and impatience. Pack the car safely, and stow items where they can't fly forward and hit somebody in case of an accident. Also, prepare for emergencies by packing a kit filled with essentials. 2. Weather Watch Watch [...]

Fall Driving Tips

September 21, 2020|

Fall in Atlantic Canada is a beautiful and colourful time. We often take time to go on walks, or drives to enjoy the view. Although, you may not immediately think of "dangerous driving" but there are escalated risks to driving in Canada during the fall. Here are 5 things to watch for when driving in the fall. 1. Leaves While beautiful colours on the road, leaves can actually be very dangerous when wet or icy. The problem is, most people are very cautious around snow, or ice, but don't think twice about leaves. Take your time, take [...]

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