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How to Reduce Accidents During Rush Hour Traffic

April 19, 2021|

Traffic is extremely frustrating, but also incredibly dangerous. The more cars on the road, the higher likelihood of a traffic accident occurring. In fact, 25% of accidents throughout Canada are rear-end collisions. The danger of accidents increase when drivers are: Distracted, Fatigued, Impatient and aggressive, or Fail to obey the rules of the road. Rush hour in Canada is between 8am-9am, and between 5pm-6pm. There are a few things you can do to avoid rush hour traffic, which will reduce your chances of an accident. Plan Your Morning Waking up earlier, and getting ready the night before, [...]

Do You Know What to do in a Hail Storm?

April 12, 2021|

If you're driving, and a hail storm hits, you should know the proper precautions to keep you, and your vehicle as safe as possible. Hail can be extremely damaging to your car, it can be dangerous to step outside unprotected, and it causes dangerous road conditions. Hail should be treated as if you are driving in heavy rain, with ice on the road. Although hail storms typically only last a few minutes, you should follow the proper precautions. Turn on your low beams Drop your speed if you continue to drive Allow 3 times the normal space [...]

5 Safety Tips for Spring Driving

April 5, 2021|

Winter is over, temperatures are rising, and snow is melting, so we need to adapt to the new season and change our driving habits. Every season carries different dangers that we need to beware of. Here are 5 safety tips for spring driving. Vehicle Prep Don't be too anxious to change your winter tires. There may be sporadic snowfalls, so keep your winter tires until ambient temperatures stay above 7 degrees celsius on average. As well, replace anything that may have been damaged in the harsh winter months. 2. Water Warning Watch for spring showers that can [...]

Do You Know the 15 Things To Do At An Accident Scene?

March 22, 2021|

Getting into an accident involving a car, motorcycle, bike, or pedestrian is scary. Knowing what to do at the scene of an accident can help you in the long run. Here are 15 things to do at the scene of an accident. Get help for anyone injured. Don't move the victim. Keep the injured person warm. Do not move your car unless it is blocking oncoming traffic. Warn approaching traffic - don't let one accident cause another. Call an ambulance if you think someone may be seriously hurt. Call the police if someone is injured, or if [...]

5 Tips To Staying Safe This St. Patrick’s Day

March 8, 2021|

Saint Patricks Day is the most popular holiday for drinking and going out to bars. This leads to more drunk driving, and alcohol related accidents. If you plan to drink, be prepared and safe for the well-being of you, and everyone around you. Here are some tips on staying safe this St. Pattys Day. Have a Designated Driver Designate yourself, or a friend to be the designated driver for the group. Make sure to plan ahead so you aren't caught in a situation where everyone has had a drink. While drunk, you may think you are suitable [...]

What Parents and Teens Should Know About Young Drivers

February 1, 2021|

For teens, getting their license is a key to independence. Unfortunately, car wrecks are the leading cause of death for teens. In fact, half of teens will get in an accident before graduating high school. What are some of the factors associated with teen driving accidents? Speeding; Lack of Seatbelt Use (teens have the lowest seat belt use rate); Alcohol Use; Nighttime Driving (almost half of teen fatalities occur between 9pm-6am); Weekend Driving (about half of crashes occur between Friday morning, and Sunday night); Distractions (more than half of teen drivers have admitted to using their phone [...]

Why Do Wrong Way Accidents Occur

January 25, 2021|

Everyday drivers trust and assume that other drivers will follow, and know the rules of the road. But even a simple wrong turn can be catastrophic. Seeing headlights coming towards you on a highway is a scary sight, especially when those headlights are in the same lane as you. Wrong was accidents are a less common type of accident, but extremely dangerous and sometimes fatal. So why do wrong was accidents occur? Although signs, barriers, and medians help, wrong way accidents still occur, especially if there is unclear signage, or drivers are unfamiliar with the city. These [...]

When is the Most Dangerous Time to Drive?

January 18, 2021|

During the winter months, accidents rise by 7.4%, and 34% of those traffic incidents are rear-end collisions. The worst time of day to drive is within the first 10 minutes after 5 o'clock. Even though rush hour is 4pm-6pm, within those 10 minutes is when most rush hour accidents take place. Leaving the office even 10  minutes later can reduce the risk of an accident. Studies have shown that the afternoon rush hour (between 4pm and 6:59pm) is the most dangerous with close to 6,000 fatalities out of 37,000. On the other hand, the morning rush hour [...]

How to Avoid the 5 Common Factors for Serious Car Accidents

January 11, 2021|

  In Canada, there are roughly 2,000 fatalities each year from road traffic crashes. In fact, road traffic accidents are the leading cause of death in young people between 5 and 29 years old.   However, you can take the right steps to help prevent injury and death. The common factors leading to fatalities and serious injuries are impaired driving, distracted driving, speeding, failure to wear a seatbelt, and unsafe road infrastructure. 1. Impaired Driving Driving impaired means driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or a combination of both. It is the leading criminal cause of death [...]

Driving in a Winter Wonderland

January 4, 2021|

Driving on snowy, icy roads during a Canadian winter is all but guaranteed, so you have to be equipped with the skills, and knowledge on how to safely manage winter driving. The best way to stay safe during bad weather is to stay home, but sometimes, you have to go out. Follow these tips to remain safe while driving in a winter wonderland. 1. Slow Way Down The faster you are driving, the longer it will take you to react. On snowy and icy roads, leave yourself plenty of time to slow sown and stop. Accelerate, and [...]

Ten Important Things to Know About SnowMobile Safety

December 7, 2020|

Snowmobiling is a fun way to spend time outside during Canadian winters, with your friends and family. Like any vehicle, there are risks to riding, so before taking to the snow, know these snowmobiling tips for the safety of you, and your family. 1. Know the Law Just like cars, snowmobile riders have rules and regulations that need to be followed. In Canada the driver must be at least 12 years old, they must have a valid driver's license or a motorized snow vehicle operators license. The snowmobile must be registered with the Ministry of Transportation, and have [...]

5 Important Tips for Driving in Dangerous Weather

November 23, 2020|

  Living in Canada, we get all kinds of weather. Wind, fog, rainstorms, ice, and slush just make driving more difficult. Defensive driving is being ready for any condition. Here are 5 defensive driving tips for driving in dangerous weather conditions. 1. Check the Road Sometimes the road can be deceitful, giving the appearance that it's clear, when it could be icy or slippery. While being safe, and aware of your surroundings, check the road by slowly pulsing the breaks. If the car stops easily, the road is good. If not, pay extra attention while [...]

What To Know About Winter Tires

November 16, 2020|

In the Maritimes, winter driving often means driving on ice, snow, salt, and slush. Although winter tires are not mandatory, they are highly recommended by Transport Canada to give you a safer, more reliable ride in the winter weather. Why choose winter tires over all season tires? All season tires really mean "3 season" tires.They work safely in the fall, summer, and spring, but in freezing temperatures, the all-season rubber hardens, and loses traction. As well, a standard tread is a good fuel efficient, quiet ride for a smooth road, and is good for evacuating water from [...]

Ten Things To Know To Winterize Your Vehicle

November 9, 2020|

Maritime winter weather is always challenging, and you want to make sure your vehicle is ready to face the elements. Reduce the chance of getting stuck in a dangerous situation by following these tips to winterize your vehicle. 1. Ensure Your Lights are Working Properly In the winter, vehicles are especially hard to see on the road. You want to ensure all lights on your car are working properly in order to see and be seen. Replace any faulty headlights, or brake lights for the winter season. 2. Have a Fully Charged Battery In cold weather a [...]

Five Important Tips When Four Wheeling

November 2, 2020|

  Four wheeling can be a fun way to spend time outside with friends and family. However, like any motor vehicle, an ATV (all terrain vehicle) can result in serious injury if the safety standards are ignored. Here are 5 tips to safely operating an ATV. 1. Extra Safety Precautions Should Be Taken for Children 1/3 of injuries from four wheeling accidents involve children. Children below 16 are twice as likely to get hurt riding an ATV. Four wheelers rely on weight transfer, and children either don't have the weight, or don't know how. Always [...]

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