Pedestrians are more at risk to undergo serious injuries if involved in a motor vehicle accident. Pedestrian accidents can happen anywhere that motorists are not expecting a pedestrian to be crossing, or anywhere where motorists drive distracted. In other words, pedestrians are at risk everywhere, but there are precautions that both walkers, and drivers can take to protect pedestrians from being involved in a collision.


There is a wide variety of reasons why pedestrian accidents take place. The majority occur due to driver negligence. Some typical examples that put pedestrians at high risk are:

  • Speeding in Residential Areas
  • Driving Under the Influence
  • Distracted Driving
  • Inattention at Intersections and Crosswalks


While these sorts of accidents are the motorists’ fault, pedestrians are the ones that suffer, which is why it is important for pedestrians to stay vigilant, especially in high-risk situations such as walking in the dark.


Following these next steps will help to reduce the chance of pedestrian accidents, and your chance of getting injured while walking.


For Pedestrians:


  1. If a sidewalk is available, use it.
  2. If you must walk on the road, do so facing oncoming traffic, so both you and the motorist can see what is ahead.
  3. Use a crosswalk, even if it is out of your way, vehicles are more likely to see you, and have time to stop.
  4. Take the extra steps to be visible. If it is dark, use the flashlight on your phone. If you know you will be walking at night, wear bright reflective clothing for extra protection.
  5. Stay aware. Do not walk while looking at your phone, or not paying attention to your surroundings. Never walk with both earbuds in, and thoroughly look both ways before crossing any street.


For Drivers:


  1. Always be scanning for pedestrians, whether it’s a quiet day, bad weather, or dark outside.
  2. Slowdown in areas where pedestrian crossing is common. Take extra precautions around intersections, crosswalks, and school zones.
  3. Beware in parking lots for pedestrians as there are no crosswalks, or designated walking area. Check all blind spots and go slowly, especially when backing up.
  4. Always yield to pedestrians!


Pedestrian safety should be taken very seriously as pedestrians account for nearly 16% of annual accident fatalities. If you are aware and cautious when walking, or driving, and follow the proper rules of the road, you will protect yourself and others on the road.


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