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How to make a LTD Claim

The first thing is to remember is that the rules that apply to you (for example which deadlines apply to you, the benefits you may be entitled and how to apply for the benefits) are all found in your specific insurance policy. There are very few general rules that apply to all long-term disability claims – the specifics vary from policy to policy, so you need to check your own policy to determine which rules apply to your claim.

Each long term disability insurance company has its own application packages that you need to fill out and return to them. They generally all include three basic forms:

  1. Claimant Statement Form (you fill this one out yourself)
  2. Employer’s Form (your employer fills this one out) *
  3. Doctor’s Medical Report Form (your doctor must fill this one out)

* If you are self-employed professional or business person, you will have to fill out application forms for the self-employed. These will be supplied by your insurance company.

A delay in the insurance company receiving any of these forms will hold up your entire application. It is extremely important to have these forms filled out properly by yourself, your employer and your doctor.

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