Fall in Atlantic Canada is a beautiful and colourful time. We often take time to go on walks, or drives to enjoy the view. Although, you may not immediately think of “dangerous driving” but there are escalated risks to driving in Canada during the fall. Here are 5 things to watch for when driving in the fall.

1. Leaves

While beautiful colours on the road, leaves can actually be very dangerous when wet or icy. The problem is, most people are very cautious around snow, or ice, but don’t think twice about leaves. Take your time, take it slow, and treat leaves as a slippery obstacle.

2. Changing Weather Conditions

Fall is an unpredictable season. The weather in the morning, and at night can be drastically different, and you need to be prepared to adapt. In the morning there could be fog, ice, or frost, and at night it could be dry and warm. Check the weather before you go out so you can allow yourself some extra time if need be.

3. Adjust to the Daylight

With shorter days, and daylight savings, it gets dark early. With the sun lower on the horizon throughout rush hour, the sun glare is increased. Be prepared with sunglasses, or leave a little before or after sundown to miss the glare all together. Also, the darkness may make you feel more drowsy than usual. Make sure you are 100% alert to drive every time you go out.

4.Maintain Your Vehicle

With colder weather approaching, it is important to maintain your vehicle. Check your wiper blades and make sure they are working properly after the summer season, as they may be wiping frost, snow, and ice for the next few months. Switch to winter washer fluid that is designed to withstand freezing temperatures. Finally, check your tire pressure regularly, as fluctuating temperatures cause tires to inflate, and contract.

5. Be Alert

Like any time of year, being alert is important to driving safely. In the fall, even if you’re aware of all the dangers listed above, other drivers may not. There could be drivers driving fast on slippery leaves, or who are dozing off in the dark, or who can’t see through the sun, or fog. Be alert, and always drive defensively.

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