Driving on snowy, icy roads during a Canadian winter is all but guaranteed, so you have to be equipped with the skills, and knowledge on how to safely manage winter driving.
The best way to stay safe during bad weather is to stay home, but sometimes, you have to go out. Follow these tips to remain safe while driving in a winter wonderland.
1. Slow Way Down
The faster you are driving, the longer it will take you to react. On snowy and icy roads, leave yourself plenty of time to slow sown and stop. Accelerate, and decelerate slowly to regain traction. Be patient, and take your time.
2. Clean Your Car
Make sure you clear off snow and ice from your vehicle for good visibility. To make the process easier, if you know there is a storm coming, raise your windshield wipers when parked. Don’t forget your mirrors and the top of your car.
3. Stay Composed
Staying composed and controlled is important when driving on icy, or snowy roads. You should never slam your brakes, or make a sharp turn. Stay calm, and patient while driving in dangerous conditions.
4. Beware of Others Around You
Even if you are doing everything right, that doesn’t mean everyone else is. Watch for inexperienced drivers, or drivers that might not be taking the precautions needed to drive in dangerous weather. Drive defensively, especially in the winter months.
5. See and Be Seen
Visibility is poor during a storm, so it is very important to see other cars, and to be seen by other cars. Make sure your headlights remain on, and you stay a safe distance away from other cars so you can be seen. As well, avoid ALL distractions, and remain completely awake and alert to insure you see other cars.
Living in Canada, we are bound to end up getting caught in poor conditions while driving. Following rules such as always wearing a seat belt, never drinking and driving, and never using your cell phone while driving are important all year round, but especially when mixed with snow, ice, and slush, where the risk of crashes and injuries are higher. Drive responsibly in accordance with the weather.
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