Road Safety Tips

Talking to Your Teen About Impaired Driving

Alcohol consumption alters the skills young drivers need the most, such as reaction time, vision, and judgment. Alcohol and drugs are a factor in more than half of teenage collisions, and although new drivers are taught and warned about the dangers of driving under the influence, the talk of impaired driving should begin much sooner. Teenagers learn through repetition and reinforced constructive conversations about impaired driving and responsible behavior on the road. Along with these conversations, the best way to educate at home is to lead by example.   Set a good example by drinking responsibly at home. Make it [...]

Should You Have a Dashcam?

Having an extra set of eyes on the road has its advantages, especially concerning unsafe driving and collisions. Dashcams are small video cameras mounted within a car to capture footage when driving. As drivers get to know the advantages of the dashcam, sales have been continuously increasing, storage and quality of the cameras have been improving, and prices have been dropping. Today, video surveillance is all around us, so why not incorporate it on the road. Here are 5 reasons to consider purchasing a dashcam. First-Hand Evidence of Your Car Accident Having footage of an accident will provide efficient, straight-to-the-point [...]

Avoid the Top 10 Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

When drivers fail to obey the rules of the road, pedestrians can get hurt in catastrophic, life-threatening ways. Whether you are a driver or pedestrian, knowing the 10 top reasons why pedestrian accidents occur can help you to prevent them from happening. 1. Being Distracted Drivers using their cell phones, fiddling with the radio, or even eating, are diverting their attention away from the road. Missing a crosswalk, stop sign, or veering too close to the side of the road due to negligence puts pedestrians at great risk. Driving distracted is illegal and should be avoided; just because you are [...]

Summer Safety Tips for Cyclists

Warmer weather is upon us, which calls for cyclists to strap on their helmets and hang up their car keys to begin commuting by bicycle. Biking is a great form of exercise, a great way to save money on gas, and is overall a fantastic alternative to driving around town. While learning to ride a bike is a staple in many childhoods, there is no official graduation to learning how to safely share the road with motorists. Here are bike safety tips for the summer season. Maintain Your Bicycle Breaking down on the side of the road is not only [...]

What are 5 Reasons Accident Rates Rise in the Summer?

During different seasons, there are different driving hazards to be aware of. Knowing the season's risks, will help you prepare, and avoid car accidents this summer season.   1. Road Congestion Summer is prime vacation season, with roads full of trailers, road trippers, cars packed to the brim, and teenagers driving to the beach on a hot day. A large portion of accidents happens in traffic, especially with tourists unfamiliar with the roads. The best way to avoid traffic-related accidents is to follow the posted speed, stay alert, and leave plenty of space between you and the car ahead of [...]

5 Top Ways to Avoid an Accident

Defensive driving us being ready for any scenario, protecting yourself, as well as others by minimizing the risk of accidents, and preparing for potential hazards. Here are 5 important tips to driving defensively. 1. Put Safety First Always leave plenty of space between you and the car in front of you; this will give you more time to react. Lock your doors and wear your seatbelt to protect you from being thrown from the car in a crash. Don't drive aggressively, it will put you in a stronger position to deal with other people's bad driving. 2.Always Be Aware of [...]

Safety Tips for Drivers and Riders On Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Warmer months are upon us, and spring is the beginning of motorcycle season. That is why May is Motorcycle Awareness Month. The risk of death among motorcyclists is significantly higher than driving a car which is why everyone needs to take the necessary precautions. Here are some tips to safely share the road as a driver. Never Tailgate. Leave a greater distance behind motorcycles than you would for cars. Check your mirrors, and blindspot before signalling for lane changes. Pay extra attention at intersections as that is where the majority of crashes happen. Never share a lane with a cyclist, [...]

Do You Know the 10 Safety Tips For Highway Driving

  Highways are the quickest way to travel. They are a high speed multi lane road, with ramps as entrances and exits. Since the speed is higher, the driving can be more stressful and difficult. Accidents on a highway are oftentimes more serious due to the speed on impact, so drivers need to follow the proper rules of the road to reduce the risk of crashing. Here are 10 safety tips for highway driving. 1. Pick the Right Time to Drive If you're nervous or new at driving, try to avoid rush hour while driving on the highway, as there [...]

How to Reduce Accidents During Rush Hour Traffic

Traffic is extremely frustrating, but also incredibly dangerous. The more cars on the road, the higher likelihood of a traffic accident occurring. In fact, 25% of accidents throughout Canada are rear-end collisions. The danger of accidents increase when drivers are: Distracted, Fatigued, Impatient and aggressive, or Fail to obey the rules of the road. Rush hour in Canada is between 8am-9am, and between 5pm-6pm. There are a few things you can do to avoid rush hour traffic, which will reduce your chances of an accident. Plan Your Morning Waking up earlier, and getting ready the night before, reduces the chances [...]

Do You Know What to do in a Hail Storm?

If you're driving, and a hail storm hits, you should know the proper precautions to keep you, and your vehicle as safe as possible. Hail can be extremely damaging to your car, it can be dangerous to step outside unprotected, and it causes dangerous road conditions. Hail should be treated as if you are driving in heavy rain, with ice on the road. Although hail storms typically only last a few minutes, you should follow the proper precautions. Turn on your low beams Drop your speed if you continue to drive Allow 3 times the normal space you would leave [...]

5 Safety Tips for Spring Driving

Winter is over, temperatures are rising, and snow is melting, so we need to adapt to the new season and change our driving habits. Every season carries different dangers that we need to beware of. Here are 5 safety tips for spring driving. Vehicle Prep Don't be too anxious to change your winter tires. There may be sporadic snowfalls, so keep your winter tires until ambient temperatures stay above 7 degrees celsius on average. As well, replace anything that may have been damaged in the harsh winter months. 2. Water Warning Watch for spring showers that can create flooding, or [...]

When Should I Call the Police?

After an accident, especially a minor one, it may be questionable whether to call the police. However, calling the police ensures a fair and balanced report that lawyers can use later. It can also be useful determining liability. Not every accident requires police at the scene, but they must be called if any of the following is true: Anyone was injured or killed Damages look to be over $1000 dollars, or there's damage to the public or private property A pedestrian or cyclist is involved A driver is impaired A driver is uninsured or unlicensed Whether it is an accident [...]

Should You Install a Dashboard Cam

10% of Canadian drivers have joined the trend of installing a dashboard camera into their motor vehicle. A dashboard cam is a camera that continuously records the view outside, and even inside your vehicle. Once installed, it can be synced to your car ignition, and even records when motions are sensed, protecting your car from theft, hit and runs, and vandalism. What are the advantages to installing a dashboard camera? 1. Prove What Happened By having a hard copy of the accident, you can prove to the police, without a doubt what happened. Giving clear, definite footage, you can prove [...]

The Dangers of Driving High

Drug impaired driving has been illegal since 1925, however, the discussion about driving under the influence is mainly focused around alcohol. Twenty-five percent (25%) of cannabis users have reported driving while high in their past. It is important to know, and educate that driving high is illegal, and can cause serious damage. The use of Cannabis is now legal in Canada, but driving while high is illegal, and doubles the risk of a fatal, or serious injury crash. You could face consequences including a fine, criminal charges, or even jail time. Cannabis can give you a sense of euphoria, relaxation, [...]

What Parents and Teens Should Know About Young Drivers

For teens, getting their license is a key to independence. Unfortunately, car wrecks are the leading cause of death for teens. In fact, half of teens will get in an accident before graduating high school. What are some of the factors associated with teen driving accidents? Speeding; Lack of Seatbelt Use (teens have the lowest seat belt use rate); Alcohol Use; Nighttime Driving (almost half of teen fatalities occur between 9pm-6am); Weekend Driving (about half of crashes occur between Friday morning, and Sunday night); Distractions (more than half of teen drivers have admitted to using their phone while on the [...]

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