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Category: How to make a LTD Claim

How is compensation paid by the Insurance Company?

After you have successfully made a claim against an at-fault driver, the insurance company will compensate you. The insurance company has the right to pay your injury claim as a one-time payment (lump sum). This payment includes compensation for things

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The basics of Canada’s disability insurance plan

Many residents of New Brunswick enjoy having benefits provided through their jobs. However, some Canadians may not realize that they may also be covered for any disability that may arise in their lives, including a long-term disability. Often a condition

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Do you qualify for long term disability benefits?

You may think you qualify for long term disability benefits, but it is difficult to know if this is true until you actually take the time to learn more about your policy. It doesn’t matter if you have benefits through

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Do you qualify for Long-Term Disability?

Most Long-Term Disability policies cover you no matter what injury or disability prevents you from working. Some policies, however, exclude certain specific illnesses; others may exclude illnesses that are compensable under a workplace compensation claim. Note that the disability must

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Basics of the New Brunswick Disability Support Program

The New Brunswick Disability Support Program was created to provide disability support for persons with disabilities. The following are required for eligibility in the program: Resident of New Brunswick Between the age of 19 and 64. Suffering from a long-term

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What happens after submitting a disability application?

If you have contributed to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and are unable to work as the result of a disability, you may be able to receive benefits in the form of a taxable monthly payment. You should not wait

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Dealing with a Disability: What Family Members Can Do

When a family member accidentally becomes disabled, you will want to help but may be unsure how. You may be uncertain about your loved one’s needs and limitations, if and what treatment is possible, and what can be expected in

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How Social Media Can Hurt Your Personal Injury Case

Social media is increasingly being used in litigation. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media can be used against you in your personal injury legal case in Nova Scotia. Can Social Media Be Used as Evidence? With increasing frequency, Facebook

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How to apply for Long-Term Disability Benefits

The first step in applying for short-term or long-term disability benefits is for you to contact your employer or the insurance company and to request an application package. The application package will usually include three forms. There will be a

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