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Category: Bicycle Accidents

I was hit by a car on my bicycle: what happens now?

A cyclist runs a risk of being struck by a vehicle and severely injured when sharing the road with cars. Bicyclists who have been struck by motorists can face significant challenges. Unlike drivers, cyclists are not required to have insurance

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Cyclist struck by a car in Moncton

A cyclist was hit by a car in Moncton last weekend. Fortunately, he was not seriously injured. The incident occurred on Sunday, early afternoon, on Shediac Road. Three cyclists were heading south when a car came up from behind and

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What to Do After a Vehicle (Car, Motorcycle, or Bicycle) Accident

Accidents happen to even the best drivers. You never know when you might get into trouble on the road. But should you find yourself in an accident, don’t panic. Follow these steps: At the Scene 1. Get help for anyone

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