Nerve damage and serious injuries that affect the spinal cord can drastically change your lifestyle. After an accident, it is important you have someone working on your team who is knowledgeable of the law and can protect your rights.

At Cantini Law, we only stand up for injury victims. Our lawyers never represent insurance companies, and this is by choice. We choose to help regular people who have been injured in accidents.

Representation For Paralysis And Related Injuries

We understand what you are facing. You may miss work, be unable to work in the same capacity once you start to heal from your injuries and need help from someone who knows what to expect with a claim. Our lawyers have experience helping people suffering from:

  • Paraplegia injuries
  • Quadriplegia injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries

You need medical compensation to help with the costs of a serious, life-altering injury. Our lawyers will assess your situation and determine the best legal strategy to pursue. We will fight relentlessly to help get just compensation for your injuries.