If you suffer from chronic pain or a similar condition as the result of a motor vehicle accident, you may be able to get insurance compensation to cover medical costs. With help from a lawyer at Cantini Law, you can focus on your recovery. You can leave the legal matters of your claim to us.

We work with people who have been seriously injured in accidents throughout Atlantic Canada. Our lawyers are advocates for injury victims only; we do not stand up for the insurance company.

Helping You Get Medical Costs Paid For Chronic Pain

Accidents affect every victim differently. For some, the recovery process can be quick. For others, there can be lifelong injuries. One type of injury that is less common, but very serious, is chronic pain and fibromyalgia. These injuries can cause tremendous pain and discomfort to the victims, and are often triggered by car collisions.

We focus on helping our clients get the benefits and financial compensation they deserve. We will walk you through the claims process (from start to finish) and will work with the insurance provider. Do not make statements to the insurance company without having your lawyer present. We are familiar with the timelines of a claim and know what to expect, depending on your specific injury.