Dangerous Designed Roads Increase Accidents

By |October 17, 2021|

  There are several cities that have designed roads which are dangerous and confusing for travelers to navigate, and therefore dangerous for drivers and pedestrians alike.   Some examples of dangerous road designs: Roads that twist, turn, and lead to dead ends. With confused drivers slowing, stopping, or turning around, it raises risks of collisions.   Roads with sudden turns are very dangerous, as drivers can’t see what is up ahead.   Roads with hidden signage or crosswalks immediately around a corner. This will not give drivers time to slow down and prevent accidents.     The [...]

How to Calculate the S.E.F 44 Amount?

By |October 11, 2021|

Of course, as already stated, the first issue to address when a case involves a S.E.F. 44 is whether it exceeds the limit of liability insurance already available to the tortfeasor. That will set the maximal exposure of the family endorsement insurer, if anything at all. Once the potential exposure is established, in Lapalme v. Economical Mutual Insurance Co., 2010 NBCA 87 paras 31-34, the unanimous Court of Appeal explained the methodology to be applied to calculate the share payable by a S.E.F. 44 insurer. [31]  Clause 4 (“Amount Payable Per Eligible Claimant”) speaks to a matter not [...]

Toyota Oil Consumption Defect Costing Customers Thousands

By |October 11, 2021|

Consumers across North America have filed lawsuits against Toyota Motor Corporation over defective engines that impose danger over their users. The 2AZ-FE engines found in certain Toyota vehicles have an extremely high rate of oil consumption. This means that the oil pressure light can come on early and often, burning a quart of oil every 1600-1900 kilometres. This level of oil consumption can damage the engine long-term and costs the car owner thousands in purchasing oil and maintenance of the engine. Not to mention, this sort of defect can cause engine failure in moving vehicles at any [...]

5 Tips to Avoid Colliding with Wildlife

By |October 10, 2021|

Encountering wildlife on the road can be scary, and very dangerous. Although animals on the road are hazardous all year round, this time of year in Canada is notorious for active wildlife who are more likely to wonder from the woods onto highways and residential streets. There is nothing to be done as a driver to prevent wildlife from crossing, but there are ways in which to decrease your likelihood of hitting them. Here are 5 tips to avoid colliding with wildlife.   Avoid Peak Times Wildlife collisions are most popular at dusk or dawn, which is [...]

Thanksgiving Weekend travel Tips

By |October 3, 2021|

Thanksgiving is a time to get together and celebrate with family. Many families are spread out across the provinces, so thanksgiving is also a time where many families travel to reunite with each other. Knowing and following proper safety tips for road travel is important for any time, but especially on holidays and long weekends where you may not have the help or maintenance you may need. Follow these 5 safety travel tips to help make your holiday voyage safe and stress-free.   Don’t Drive Drowsy Holidays are a tiring time, so you need to make sure [...]

Insurers Using Credit Scores as Factors in Auto Insurance Premiums – Bad News for New Brunswickers

By |September 26, 2021|

  Insurers are beginning to discuss and introduce credit scores as a factor in setting auto-insurance rates in New Brunswick. Over the last several months, many insurance companies are given the go-ahead by the New Brunswick Insurance Board to use credit scores as a factor in setting auto premiums. This can create significant changes and difficulties in a province where many people struggle with personal finances.   Adults coping with serious financial problems is highest in NB nationally for the 4th year in a row. New Brunswick has Canada’s highest rates of personal insolvency and some of [...]

How to Properly Use a Roundabout

By |September 26, 2021|

Roundabouts may be daunting when approached, and their appearance may be confusing. You may wonder, do I need to stop? Should I use a turn signal? What lane should I be in? Are there even lanes?! The truth is roundabouts are a very beneficial thing to add to any city. They reduce delays and improve traffic flow, they are less expensive, long lasting, take up less space, and are overall a safer alternative to intersections.   Roundabouts typically result in a 37% reduction of collision, a 75% reduction in injury collisions, and a 90% reduction in fatality [...]

Why Majority of Auto Accidents Happen on Weekends

By |September 19, 2021|

              Drivers should be aware that car accidents can occur, anywhere, and at any time. Regardless of your driving, there are others on the road that may not be as careful, or safe as you, so always drive defensively, and make smart and responsible decisions to minimize your risk of an accident. However, there are ways to avoid increased risk of collisions. One of these ways is to know the best time and day to be on the road.  The most dangerous time to drive during the week is the weekend according to a study done [...]

Is Chronic Pain Syndrome a Capped Minor Injury?

By |September 14, 2021|

According to the Institute for Chronic Pain, Chronic Pain Syndrome is the combination of chronic pain and the secondary complications that are making the original pain worse. Once pain becomes chronic, the mind and body begin to manifest changes which tend to imprint both pain sensations and what clinicians call “pain behaviour” on the Central Nervous System. Typical chronic pain characteristics are as follows: Severe pain, constant or waxing and waning; Requirement for long-term pain medication; Limitations in activity and mobility; Effects on social relationships; Effects on sexual drive, function, or both; Feelings of helplessness; Decrease job [...]

Volkswagen Pays $42 Million in Lawsuit

By |September 12, 2021|

Volkswagen has agreed to pay a $42 million settlement covering 1.5 million vehicles equipped with life-threatening airbags.   Takata airbags have been an ever-growing source of recalls for years. In fact, it is the largest automotive recall to date. The defect in these airbags causes the airbag inflators to rupture and send dangerous metal fragments to fly towards the driver or passengers in the car.   Exploding inflators are a serious threat to car occupants. More than 25 people have been killed, and at least 250 injuries have been caused by Takata airbags.   There are and [...]

Why Pedestrian Deaths are On the Rise in Canada

By |September 12, 2021|

  Canada is among only 7 industrialized nations in the world where pedestrian deaths are on the increase. There are many reasons for this, most being some form of irresponsible driving, but the largest reason is the lack of law enforcement.   The RCMP are not out with radar guns ready to catch speed demons, and suddenly it is considered an unwritten rule to drive at least 10km over the posted speed limit. The police cannot, and do not pull over everyone who is speeding, and councils are not reducing the speed limits in major cities, so [...]

How to Protect Children in Your Car

By |August 30, 2021|

  Properly installing and securing your child into a car seat is important to protect your child in an accident. There are always new articles and suggestions about how to keep your child safe with the proper car seat, what positioning to place your child in, and how long children should stay in car seats. It may all seem overwhelming but doing your research and prioritizing the importance of proper car seat safety can protect your child in case of an accident.   Here are 5 of our car seat safety tips and tricks.   Know the [...]

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