Thanksgiving weekend is time for food, gratitude, and family. Lot’s of people take to the road for thanksgiving with their family. This means a higher volume of travellers, and more congestion. Here are some travel pointers to make sure you arrive safely at the dinner table.

1. Plan Ahead

Expect heavy traffic, and leave earlier to avoid rushing, speeding, and impatience. Pack the car safely, and stow items where they can’t fly forward and hit somebody in case of an accident. Also, prepare for emergencies by packing a kit filled with essentials.

2. Weather Watch

Watch the weather reports for potential hazardous weather so you don’t get caught in an unexpected storm. Prepare your vehicle and mindset for fog, rain, ice, snow, or whatever may be on the radar.

3. Change Your Travel Plans

Avoiding a storm is a good reason to leave a day earlier, or a day later, if your Thanksgiving plans could allow it. Changing your plans to get up an hour earlier to hit the road may be beneficial to the safety of your family by avoiding the peak of rush hour, and congestion dangers.

4. Avoid Distractions

Driving with your family may be more distracting than driving alone. Keep the kids occupied, ignore any incoming texts, and pull over if there’s an emergency, distraction, or if you, as the driver, are not fully awake and alert.

5. Assign a Designated Driver

It is easy to have a couple drinks at a family get together. Limit yourself to the legal amount of alcohol for driving, or even better, assign a designated driver to skip the drinks entirely and drive home. After all the food, the exhaustions of the holiday, and traffic, the driver should be as sharp as possible for the safety of his, or her family.

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