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How to Protect Children in Your Car

  Properly installing and securing your child into a car seat is important to protect your child in an accident. There are always new articles and suggestions about how to keep your child safe with the proper car seat, what positioning to place your child in, and how long children should stay in car seats. It may all seem overwhelming but doing your research and prioritizing the importance of proper car seat safety can protect your child in case of an accident.   Here are 5 of our car seat safety tips and tricks.   Know the Stages There are [...]

Investigation of Tesla Vehicles After Several Autopilot Related Accidents

Sirens and flashing lights of fire engines, ambulances, and police cars are designed to let drivers know what is up ahead and are easy to spot. However, in several cases over the last 3 years, Tesla’s autopilot function has missed these warnings and led to 11 accidents where the cars have crashed into emergency vehicles, and others at the scene causing 17 injured people, and 1 death.   The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) has launched an investigation covering 750,000 vehicles of all current Tesla models from 2014-2021 – essentially all available Tesla’s on the market after the crashes [...]

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Pedestrian Safety Tips

Pedestrians are more at risk to undergo serious injuries if involved in a motor vehicle accident. Pedestrian accidents can happen anywhere that motorists are not expecting a pedestrian to be crossing, or anywhere where motorists drive distracted. In other words, pedestrians are at risk everywhere, but there are precautions that both walkers, and drivers can take to protect pedestrians from being involved in a collision.   There is a wide variety of reasons why pedestrian accidents take place. The majority occur due to driver negligence. Some typical examples that put pedestrians at high risk are: Speeding in Residential Areas Driving [...]

Safety Tips While Driving in the Rain

In situations where you are caught in heavy rain, it is important to be prepared to adjust your driving style to maximize the safety of yourself and others. Driving in rainfall creates slick driving conditions, little visibility, and overall a difficult environment that requires caution and your full attention. Here are 5 safety tips to know and follow when driving in the rain.   Slow Down This one may be obvious, but it is one of the most important rules to follow. Not only does it reduce your chances of losing control on the road, but it also gives you [...]

Are Vacation Benefits Deductible From Awards of Damages?

In principle, vacation benefits are different than sick leave benefits. While sick days are akin to an insurance plan (i.e. there when needed), vacation benefits are part of the employee’s basic remuneration package and are expected to be used yearly to maintain productivity, not to treat illnesses. Thus, they are more akin to a pension plan with an effect on the real wage of workers. Under certain employment contracts, the unused balance may be carried over and cashed-in at a later date. However, to the extent that vacations are used by an injured employee to recover, the benefits could arguably [...]

Class Action Lawsuit Against Kellogg’s Cereal

              There has been a recent class-action lawsuit against popular cereal brand Kellogg’s for allegedly violating certain laws by labeling at least three of their cereals with misleading nutrition and health statements. Kellogg’s is being accused of actively engaging in false advertising by indicating that its products are healthy, whereas the plaintiff claims they contain an excessive amount of sugar.   The lawsuit was against three cereals that used the false statements “Heart Healthy” and “Lightly Sweetened”. Upon further investigation, the plaintiff claims that the three cereals with these labels have no indication of health benefits or specific ingredients [...]

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10 Rules Cyclists Need to Know

Riding alongside vehicles can be dangerous if not done properly. Certain rules are important to follow as a cyclist to ensure you are keeping yourself and others as safe as possible when on the road. Here are 10 rules cyclists absolutely need to follow when riding.   Ride in the Same Direction as the Flow of Traffic It may be daunting to ride with the flow of traffic behind you, unable to see the vehicles coming your way, but it is safer. By riding with the flow of traffic, you are more likely to be seen, which gives drivers time [...]

Minor Personal Injury Cap – 2013 to Date

Contrary to the 2003 Injury Regulation, supra, the new regulation provides a list of specific ‘minor personal injuries’. They are: abrasions, contusions, lacerations, sprains, strains and whiplash associated disorders, “including any clinically associated sequelae” for each, “that do not result in serious impairment or in permanent serious disfigurement”. A ‘sprain’ is “an injury to … tendons or ligaments” while a ‘strain’ is “an injury to … muscles”. A ‘whiplash associated disorder’ is limited to injuries that (a) do “not exhibit objective, demonstrable, definable and clinically relevant neurological signs, and (b) [do] not exhibit a fracture in or dislocation of the [...]

5 Popular Sunscreens Recalled in Canada

Johnson & Johnson recalled several Neutrogena spray-on sunscreens after elevated Benzene was detected in many of the bottles.   Benzene is a component of gasoline, is highly flammable, and is frequently used for rubber and waxes. Long-term and frequent exposure to benzene carries health risks. Exposure can occur via inhalation, or through the skin. Benzene is not an ingredient in any of the Johnson & Johnson sunscreens, yet it was detected in the following sunscreens:   Neutrogena’s Beach Defense aerosol sunscreen, Cool Dry Sport aerosol sunscreen, Invisible Daily Defense aerosol sunscreen, and Ultra Sheer aerosol sunscreen. As well as Aveeno’s [...]

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Talking to Your Teen About Impaired Driving

Alcohol consumption alters the skills young drivers need the most, such as reaction time, vision, and judgment. Alcohol and drugs are a factor in more than half of teenage collisions, and although new drivers are taught and warned about the dangers of driving under the influence, the talk of impaired driving should begin much sooner. Teenagers learn through repetition and reinforced constructive conversations about impaired driving and responsible behavior on the road. Along with these conversations, the best way to educate at home is to lead by example.   Set a good example by drinking responsibly at home. Make it [...]

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