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10 Tips on Dealing With Your Insurance Company

Getting in a car accident is stressful enough. On top of the strain of dealing with injuries and damages, your insurance company will also be attempting to deal with you directly. You cannot count on the insurance company to take care of your best interest. Here are 10 tips on how to deal with your insurance company effectively. 1. Document any damages and injuries, and write down anything you remember from the accident. 2. Report your claim as quickly as possible, and check if you have coverage under more than one policy. 3. Take detailed notes about any interactions you [...]

The Dangers of Driving High

Drug impaired driving has been illegal since 1925, however, the discussion about driving under the influence is mainly focused around alcohol. Twenty-five percent (25%) of cannabis users have reported driving while high in their past. It is important to know, and educate that driving high is illegal, and can cause serious damage. The use of Cannabis is now legal in Canada, but driving while high is illegal, and doubles the risk of a fatal, or serious injury crash. You could face consequences including a fine, criminal charges, or even jail time. Cannabis can give you a sense of euphoria, relaxation, [...]

What Parents and Teens Should Know About Young Drivers

For teens, getting their license is a key to independence. Unfortunately, car wrecks are the leading cause of death for teens. In fact, half of teens will get in an accident before graduating high school. What are some of the factors associated with teen driving accidents? Speeding; Lack of Seatbelt Use (teens have the lowest seat belt use rate); Alcohol Use; Nighttime Driving (almost half of teen fatalities occur between 9pm-6am); Weekend Driving (about half of crashes occur between Friday morning, and Sunday night); Distractions (more than half of teen drivers have admitted to using their phone while on the [...]

Important Facts About Texting and Driving

    The alarming truth about texting and driving in Canada, is that it causes more deaths, that impaired driving. In fact, 25% of reported car accidents involve a cell phone, which amounts to 4,000,000 accidents North America. 1 in 5 drivers will pick up their phone while behind the wheel, disregarding the fact that they are now 8 times more likely to crash. For teens, that number is even higher. Staring at a phone for even 2 seconds, while going 100km/h, the average highway speed in the Maritimes, you will travel more than half a football field without looking. [...]

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