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National Safe Driving Week

This week, December 1st – 7th, is National Safe Driving Week, a campaign put on by the National Safety Council since 1950. Safe driving should be practiced year round, but especially in winter when dangers on the road escalate. For

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5 Important Tips for Driving in Dangerous Weather

  1. Check the Road Sometimes the road can be deceitful, giving the appearance that it’s clear, when it could be icy or slippery. While being safe, and aware of your surroundings, check the road by slowly pulsing the breaks.

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What To Know About Winter Tires

In the Maritimes, winter driving often means driving on ice, snow, salt, and slush. Although winter tires are not mandatory, they are highly recommended by Transport Canada to give you a safer, more reliable ride in the winter weather. Why

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Ten Things To Know To Winterize Your Vehicle

Maritime winter weather is always challenging, and you want to make sure your vehicle is ready to face the elements. Reduce the chance of getting stuck in a dangerous situation by following these tips to winterize your vehicle. 1. Ensure

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Five Important Tips When Four Wheeling

Four wheeling can be a fun way to spend time outside with friends and family. However, like any motor vehicle, an ATV (all terrain vehicle) can result in serious injury if the safety standards are ignored. Here are 5 tips

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