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Tips and Benefits to Using a Roundabout

Roundabouts are the safer, less congested, more attractive alternative to an intersection. In an intersection there are 32 places traffic can collide, or cross. In a roundabout there are only 8. The continuous flow reduces congestion, and slows the vehicles down. There are fewer stops, shorter delays, and a higher capacity of cars can travel at the same time. Here are 5 tips to follow when using a roundabout. 1. Yield to vehicles already in the circle, and watch for cyclists, and pedestrians; 2. Enter the roundabout only when there is a safe gap in traffic; 3. Don't pass other [...]

10 Tips on Throwing a Safe Holiday Party

The holidays are upon us, and that means gathering with family, friends, and co-workers. Winter weather and drinking are not a good mix. If you are planning on consuming alcohol, be responsible and plan transportation. As a host of a party, take the initiative to ensure that your guests are drinking responsibly, and safely. Follow these holiday party safety tips. 1. Limit Your Consumption of Alcohol As a host, you need good judgment in order to make sure your guests aren't drinking too much, and to ensure everyone gets home safely. 2. Invite People You Know By inviting people you [...]

School Zone Safety for Drivers

With school fast approaching school buses are back on the road. Buses are the safest way for students to travel to and from school, as long as other motorists on the road respect the school zone, and school bus safety rules. Here are 5 rules for school zone safety for drivers. 1. Leave yourself extra time to travel so you don't get impatient. 2. Slow down in school zones, or neighbourhoods around school time. 3. Expect kids to run into traffic. Be on the lookout. 4. Always stop for red flashing lights on the school bus. 5. Give yourself lots [...]

Safety Tips for Pedestrians

Summer and the warm weather means more people are hanging up their keys, and traveling by foot, which is great for the environment, and your health. But, it may also be dangerous if drivers aren't expecting you, or the proper rules of the road are not being followed. Here are 10 safety rules you should know as a pedestrian.   Always cross at intersections or in pedestrian safety zones. Only cross when traffic completely stops Only cross when the lights indicate you can, even if there are no cars. Make sure drivers see you before you cross. Always look up [...]

National Safe Driving Week

This week, December 1st - 7th, is National Safe Driving Week, a campaign put on by the National Safety Council since 1950. Safe driving should be practiced year round, but especially in winter when dangers on the road escalate. For Safe Driving Week, here are some reminders for safe driving to keep you and your family safe on the road. 1. Get Your Car Winter Ready Getting proper winter tires is a good start to winterizing your vehicle. They should however, remain maintained. Check the traction of the treads, and air pressure regularly. You should also replace your windshield wipers [...]

Top 10 Motorcycle Safety Tips

  Motorcycle safety is everyone's responsibility. There are more than 672,000 motorcycles in Canada registered for use, and the riders are 15 times more likely to be involved in an accident compared to automobile drivers. Here are some key components motorcyclists should know before taking to the road: 1. Take professional riding lessons Before going for a ride on your new bike, take lessons so that you can be prepared, and safe, for anything that may come your way. 2. Wear an Approved Helmet Most accidents happen at speeds around 50km/h, and helmets protect you. Make sure to replace your [...]

10 Tips on Sharing the Road

Did you know that cyclists, and drivers have the same rights, and responsibilities when using a road? However, being a cyclist means no airbags, seatbelts, or protective forcefield when on the road, so extra precautions need to be taken. It is not solely up to the cyclist to follow the rules, and be safe on the roads. Here are some things you can do as a cyclist, or a motorist. Motorists 1. Reduce Speed There's nothing more nerve wracking like a car whipping by you when you're biking. Be Considerate, and slow down. 2. Leave a Safe Distance Whether you're [...]

Is Your Child in the Right Type of Car Seat

  Unfortunately, motor vehicle accidents are the number one cause of death and hospitalization for children under the age of 14 years old. It is important that all children are using the right car seat for their particular age, height, and weight. The law in New Brunswick regarding child car seats are as follows: Type of Car Seat Age, Weight, Height Rear Facing Car Seat Under 1 year Old Or Less Than 10kg (22lbs) Forward Facing Car Seat Over 1 Year Old And Between 10kg (22lbs) & 18kg (40lbs) Booster Seat Under 9 Years Old Or Over 18kg (40lbs) Or [...]

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