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Month: February 2018

What to do if you’re injured in a motor vehicle accident and the other driver doesn’t have insurance

Some drivers do not have insurance covering their vehicles in the event of an accident. This situation exists even though it is the law for all motor vehicles to have insurance to cover medical costs, lost wages, and the other

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How to avoid serious accidents during rush hour traffic

Statistics collected by Transport Canada and others might suggest a link between traffic congestion and some of the 150,000 injury-causing traffic accidents in 2014 (last year for which accident data is available). More than 25% of accidents throughout Canada were rear

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Major sections in the Standard Automobile Insurance Policy

In New Brunswick, the Financial and Consumer Services Commission has approved a Standard Automobile Insurance Policy. This means that every insured vehicle in New Brunswick has, at the very least, the same minimum coverage. There are 5 major sections in

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