Monthly Archives: October 2016

Fight back if you were in an accident

We recently discussed the accident that killed a beloved chef in New Brunswick. That story is one that highlights the need for all drivers to drive in a safe manner. When drivers don't practice safe driving or disobey the traffic laws, other people who are on the roadways can suffer the consequences. We know that you probably didn't leave home on the morning of your accident thinking that you were going to be in a crash. If the actions of another driver were the cause of your accident, you might decide that you want to seek compensation. Compensation isn't meant [...]

Compensation can help with life after a catastrophic injury

People who suffer from a catastrophic injury often need assistive devices to help them live life. The issue here is that these assistive devices are often costly, and not everyone will have the funds available to purchase and upkeep those devices. When insurance or provincial is available, the wait time for devices can be lengthy. A recent news story out of New Brunswick shows just how difficult it can be to get the devices necessary for even basic functions after a catastrophic injury. The issue is that the Red Cross supplies wheelchairs for people in the providence, but some people [...]

Time is limited, so take action quickly after an accident

When you are injured in an accident, your top priority is probably getting the medical care you need. You might not think about the cost of that care or how you are going to make ends meet if you have a severe injury that prevents you from working. Once you have the medical emergencies handled, you may start to think about how you are going to pay all the bills. Filing claims for the accident is one option that you have. When you file a claim for compensation, you are subjected to time limits. These are lengths of time that [...]

Injured in a public transit accident – Am I liable?

Although less frequent than car accidents, Canadians are injured in bus and train accidents every year. If you suffer from injuries following a public transit accident, you may be wondering if you are liable or not and what your options are. Can I claim for damages? Those injured in public transit accidents may claim for damages against the bus or train operator, as well as the municipality. If the accident was caused by a public transit vehicle, such as a bus or subway, the municipality may be liable for injuries that result from that accident. When private bus or train [...]

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