Monthly Archives: September 2016

Team Sports and Head Injuries

September brings kids back to school and back to the sports field. Concussions and other types of head injuries can occur during many sports, especially football. The reality of a sport like football is that a good number of kids will walk away from the field with bumps and bruises that will heal in time. While these minor injuries may not be too concerning, bumps to the head are a different story. Kids can still suffer concussions despite the use of safety equipment, such as helmets. Concussions in a number of sports are unfortunately common and must be treated seriously. [...]

What to do about a long-term disability claim denial

If you find yourself making a long term disability insurance claim in New Brunswick, you hope that everything goes as planned. This means receiving benefits as quickly as possible, as you don't want to get too far behind in regards to your finances. Unfortunately, it's not uncommon in today's world for a long term disability claim to be denied. If you find yourself in this position, there are a few key steps you need to take. First off, read the letter from your insurance company. In it, you will find out why your claim has been denied. You may soon [...]

Traumatic brain injuries and the challenges that come with them

When most people think about a traumatic brain injury, they tend to focus on the medical needs of the person after the injury occurs. While that is a huge part of life after a TBI, there are other considerations that must be thought about. Housing and transportation are two of these. We know that you might be thinking that these aren't too serious; however, for people who have suffered a TBI that affects their ability to care for themselves, these are huge. If you can't care for yourself, you might be unable to live alone. This could mean that you [...]

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