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Month: August 2016

Back To School: Bus Safety Reminder

September is just around the corner, which means back to school! You should expect your commute to work to be a bit longer now that more vehicles, such as yellow school buses, are on the roads dropping kids off to

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Sharing the Road With Cyclists

Drivers and cyclists both use roads, but the juxtaposition puts cyclists in far greater peril than drivers. Nearly every cyclist would like motorists to know how vulnerable they are. Cyclists also need to take responsibility for their own safety. Around

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Multiple-accident intersection has community concerned

Residents of Salisbury want the intersection of Route 112 and Homestead Road redesigned. The scene of a triple fatality accident back in April, the community wants something done to make the intersection safer. The rumble strips were removed in this

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What is a Contingency Fee Agreement?

“No Win, No Fee”, “We don’t get paid unless you do”, “No fee unless successful”… these are the words often used by law firms to describe contingency fee agreements. In New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI and in North America for

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What are the signs of drowsy driving?

Drowsy driving causes around one in every six accidents that takes place today, according to 2015 data. Understanding this risk is the first step to reducing the chance of it affecting you and the people you love; avoiding accidents means

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Pokémon Go: Popular Game Causes Accidents

Pokémon Go, a very popular mobile game, has launched in Canada on July 17th. This mobile app requires players to roam the earth looking for and attempting to capture Pokémon characters. The popularity of this game is increasing rapidly; over

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The days immediately following a spinal cord injury are tough

A person who suffers from a spinal cord injury is likely going to feel the effects of the injury right away. The initial injury to the spinal cord causes the nerve cells in the area to die or become damaged.

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