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Proposed guards beneath trucks could save lives

Semi-trucks pose a unique risk to cyclists and pedestrians. That risk is getting sucked beneath these large vehicles. A Halifax councillor wants to see that risk reduced by forcing city trucks to include special guards that would prevent this from happening. These guards are required in other countries overseas, but aren't required in North America. The special guards are installed from the front wheel to the rear wheel on large trucks, including garbage trucks. These guards don't leave room for cyclists and pedestrians to be swept beneath the trucks. Despite the proven effectiveness of these guards, a staff report is [...]

Tips for getting the best Injury Claim Settlement

When you're in the process of seeking compensation for the injuries you suffered following a motor vehicle accident, you are entering into an extended negotiation process with the insurance company. You will be dealing with an insurance adjuster whose job is to settle claims for as little cost to the insurance company as possible. Here are a few important tips to help you ensure that the settlement you receive is fair. Know when to hire a lawyer Before you start settlement negotiations, consider the nature of your case and determine whether the help from a lawyer would be valuable to [...]

What exactly is a coma?

Catastrophic injuries are those that can affect victims for the remainder of their life. Spinal cord injuries and brain injuries are two possible catastrophic injuries. When it comes to brain injuries, a person can suffer from a minor injury or a severe injury. Severe brain injuries can often result in the person being in a coma. It is crucial that people who have a loved one in a coma understand a bit about the condition. What are the symptoms of a coma? The main symptom of a coma is unresponsiveness. This is usually associated with closed eyes, lack of reflexes, [...]

You can’t prevent all accidents but you can take action after 1

Car accidents can lead to tragedy. While it isn't possible for you to prevent all car accidents, it is possible for you to ensure that you are as prepared as possible before you hit the road. We know that you want to be safe while you are on the road, so make sure you think about these safety tips before you start the engine. The first thing that you must do is to make sure that your vehicle is ready for the road. You should check the tires, brakes, lights, horn and mirrors to ensure that they are in good [...]

Broken Bone Injuries – Symptoms & Treatment

A motor vehicle accident can lead to serious injuries, such as broken bones. A bone will break when it can't withstand the pressure exerted upon it, such as with the impact of a car accident. Signs and symptoms of broken bones include: A deformed joint or limb Pain with movement or gentle pressure Bone that juts through the skin (compound fracture) Numbness or bluish discoloration in the affected area Abnormally positioned extremities Fractures can require casting, surgery, physical therapy and medical treatment. You will need to discuss treatment options with your orthopedic surgeon because treatment for broken bones is tailored [...]

Amputation Injury – Losing a limb in an accident

Motor vehicle collisions can cause serious injuries. Some may unfortunately lose a limb following an accident. After an amputation, you may experience suffering both physically and emotionally. Losing a limb can also have long-term impact on your quality of life, but also for your family, loved ones and other dependents. Common long-term issues with losing a limb Phantom pain or "Phantom Limbs" Stump pain Infection of amputation site resulting in further amputation Neuromas Proper care of the stump area, as well as good physical therapy for prosthesis use, is important to avoid some of these common problems. The emotional impact [...]

Lawyers Call for Public Inquiry into Medical Assessments of Injured

The Ontario Trial Lawyers Association (OTLA) is calling for the Ontario Government to conduct a public inquiry into medical assessments of people injured in motor vehicle accidents. The FAIR Association of Victims for Accidents Insurance Reform and OTLA have both called for a public inquiry. "Medical experts are under pressure to act favourably on behalf of the insurance companies. Some are doing just that, service as advocates for the insurance companies. Experts are meant to be neutral and impartial and serve the courts, not one side or the other." says David Marshall, former president and CEO of the Workplace Safety [...]

When to see a doctor after a Motor Vehicle Accident

Meeting a doctor after a motor vehicle accident is very important. It's a big mistake made by many to not seek medical attention rapidly. Not only can it put your health at risk, but it can also affect your claim and compensation. Health at risk First of all, if you wait to visit your doctor, you are putting your health at risk. Not all injuries are immediately visible, and your doctor can make sure you get the treatment you need. Even a minor injury can worsen during the period following the crash if you didn't visit your doctor. A doctor [...]

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