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Dealing with a Disability: What Family Members Can Do

When a family member accidentally becomes disabled, you will want to help but may be unsure how. You may be uncertain about your loved one's needs and limitations, if and what treatment is possible, and what can be expected in the future. The following tips are recommended to help a family member who becomes disabled: Get informed. It is important to learn about your family member's particular disability, including symptoms, treatment possibilities, how to mitigate the effects, and the prospect for improvement. Provide your loved one with informative articles with medical information and stories of hope, including accounts of other [...]

Examinations for Discovery

If you are involved in a personal injury case, you may be scheduled for an examination for discovery. A brief overview is provided here, though your Halifax lawyer will review with you in advance the purpose and importance of this procedure for your case. What is an Examination for Discovery? An examination for discovery (also known as a "pretrial discovery") is a modern pre-trial procedure conducted after a personal injury claim is filed with the court and before a trial is scheduled. The examination for discovery takes place in a meeting room (not a courtroom) and is closed to the [...]

Finding the Right Lawyer for Your Personal Injury Case

If you are a resident of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia or Prince Edward Island and incurred a personal injury accident, you will want to hire a personal injury law firm such as Cantini Law Group. Without legal representation, your case is compromised by dealing with insurance companies on your own. No one, other than the lawyer you hire, has the obligation to protect you legally or inform you of your rights. Insurance companies have extensive knowledge and experience, and claims adjusters have limited flexibility. The insurance company may assume that your injuries are temporary with no lasting effects and may [...]

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