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10 Tips on Throwing a Safe Holiday Party

The holidays are upon us, and that means gathering with family, friends, and co-workers. Winter weather and drinking are not a good mix. If you are planning on consuming alcohol, be responsible and plan transportation.

As a host of a party, take the initiative to ensure that your guests are drinking responsibly, and safely. Follow these holiday party safety tips.

1. Limit Your Consumption of Alcohol

As a host, you need good judgment in order to make sure your guests aren’t drinking too much, and to ensure everyone gets home safely.

2. Invite People You Know

By inviting people you know, it’s easier to see changes in their behaviour that may indicate they need help, or aren’t suitable to drive, or walk themselves home.

3. Encourage Guests to Plan Their Drives

Make it clear when guests are invited, that plans need to be made in advance. This can relieve some stress off your shoulders, and reduces the risk of ‘in the moment’ decisions that may not be thought through.

4. Monitor and Supervise the Serving of Alcohol

You want you guests to have fun, but don’t want anyone to go overboard. Supervise your guests alcohol consumption to prevent over indulging, and potentially dangerous behaviour.

5. Serve Food

Serving food that contains protein and fat helps with alcohol consumption, and prevents guests from drinking on an empty stomach. Note that salt encourages more drinking, and sugar does not mix well with alcohol.

6. Have Non-Alcoholic Choices

Provide plenty of non-alcoholic beverages for designated drivers, or guests who don’t wish to consume alcohol.

7. Greet Guests

Greet your guests when they arrive, and before they leave to assess their condition, and to ensure they can travel home safely.

8. Take Car Keys

If you notice someone is impaired, try and encourage them to give you their keys, and offer an alternative. Call a cab, or offer for the guest to stay the night.

9. Have Cab Numbers Handy

If your guests aren’t in the appropriate condition to drive, be proactive, and have cab numbers handy, as well as some extra cash. If someone is impaired, and is getting ready to leave, call a cab for them, it will be harder to refuse a drive if it’s already on the way.

10. Call the Police

If a guest got in a car under the influence, call the police. This may seem harsh, but it’s better than suffering the consequences of an accident due to drinking and driving.

As a host, your duties are to make sure your guests are having a good time, and to make sure everyone gets home safely.

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