The school year is beginning, and school buses are back on the road. Buses are the safest way children get to school. However, children must learn these 10 road safety tips.

1. When leaving the driveway or garage, always look for bikes, and cars before continuing, because they may not see you.

2. Obey the traffic guards, only walk across the street when they say it is okay.

3. Keep 6 feet away from the curb when waiting for the bus to come at the bus stop.

4. Never walk behind the bus, be on the sidewalk as much as possible.

5. Remain visible to the bus driver at all times.

6. When crossing in front of a car, or a bus, wait until the bus driver has signalled for you to cross.

7. After the bus driver signals you, look all ways before crossing.

8. If you drop something in front of a car or bus, don’t bend down to pick it up right away, let the driver know.

9. Always use crosswalks, even if it looks like no cars are coming.

10. Take the same route every day.

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